Inspirit heals the human spirit by bringing live music and performance art to the lonely and isolated. These are some of the people who make this possible. If you noticed that we missed anyone, please let us know so we can make that addition.  

Our Generous Underwriters

Major Donors

Katherine Dietz

Suzan Mitchell

Michael Tiernan

Peter Tracy

Corporate Sponsors

Wittmann Building Corporation

Environmental Technology Control (ETC)

Friends of Inspirit

Amp Shop & Music Parlor

Karen Antonucci

Lynne Antonucci

Beverly Auerbach

Anne & Steve Bisby

Lisa & Andre Boucher

Leslie Ann & Theodore Breisford

Ron Browne

Virginia Burchett

Ashley Burnett

Tom Brunell

Paulette & Greg Burdick

Vicki Bryson

Rose Calame

Ellie Caldwell

Doris Chafin

Susan & Jeff Chafin

Roseanne Clements

Sandy Cohen & Lenny Berger

Shauna Coolican

Gail Darling

Theodore Deckert

BJ & Lenny Diamond

Wayne Diller

Werner Fiebes

Tara Ford

Parveneh Foroughi

Joan Friedenberg

Jeff Goodman

Bill Hale

David Hale

Helen Hvizd

Liz & Guy Icangelo

Suzanne & Brent Ion

Ray Johnson

Amanda & David Jones

Ross Jones

Richard Kohl

Barbara Larsen

Donna & John Lehman

Colleen McGarr & Duncan Strauss

Susan Merritt

Emily & Marty Minor

Suzan Mitchell

Faith & John Myer

Shirley Naylor

Denise Nieman

Randy Palo

Nan Parker

Jeff Pasquale

John Pauly

Sharon Pauly

Karen & Mark Roberts

Mary & William Roberts

Sheldon Robertson

Harvey Rosenfeld

Leon St. John

Eugene Schmitt

Janet Schmitt

Jim Schmitt

Jill Schneider

Adele Shiner

Paul Shirley

Mary & Tom Sibley

Vicki Silver & Bob Banks

Ivan Skinner

Deborah & Randolph Smith

Elisa A. Stewart

Jennie Stewart

Barbara & George Thornton

Luz Van Meek

Anne Waggoner

Performers Who Give Back

Cameo Barbershop Quartet

Jerry Mandel

Peter Tracy

Katherine Dietz

Kathren Ogg with The Dreyfoos Auditioners

Palm Beach Atlantic University Dance Troupe

Terry Bloom

Tom Regis

Blanche Williams

Zach Deputy

C.A.S.T. (Collaborative Artists Singing Troupe)

Kathy Dietz

Amanda Bower

Mike Anglin

Frank Cerabino

Donations from Facilities We Serve

Edward J Healey Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

Brookdale Senior Living facilities

Palm Beach County Senior Centers

FAU Louis and Anne Green Memory & Wellness Center

New Day Adult Care Center

PACE at MorseLife

Seagull Services

Donations in Memory of James Bermann

Donations in Memory of Eugene Schmitt

Donations in Honor Of Lida B. Hale

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